MY SHORT VISIT TO HELL AND HEAVEN. The message am about to share is heavy and one of those I hesitate sharing. The questions that ring on my mind; How will people receive the message? What will they think of me? The book of Exodus 4:10-13 gives me the courage to share boldly. Verse 10 > But Moses said, “No, Lord, don’t send me. I have never been a good speaker, and I haven’t become one since you began to speak to me. I am a poor speaker, slow and hesitant.” 11, The Lord said to him, “Who gives man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or dumb? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? It is I, the Lord. 12 Now, go! I will help you to speak, and I will tell you what to say.” 13, But Moses answered, No, Lord, please send someone else. This clearly shows that Moses lacked confidence and degraded himself when God commanded him to face the Israelites. In all this, God had given Him super powers yet still was hesitant which made God angry, prompting Him to involve a second party, who happened to be Moses’s brother. When you fail to believe in yourself or your God given authority, someone may overtake your blessings, play your role and make you appear insignificant. Always obey God’s instructions and he will guide you through because he never fails. No matter the circumstances, press on bearing in mind that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens us – Philippians 4:13. Some people have personally experienced God’s power in their lives or even their loved ones, yet refuse to testify and witness to those who are still in darkness. It’s sad that even some believers are shy to share the gospel of Christ. Matthew 10:32 says that, “If anyone declares publicly that he belongs to me, I will do the same for him before my Father in heaven. 33, But if anyone rejects me publicly, I will reject him before my Father in heaven. True disciples of Christ spread the the word of God, to make him known to all, sharing testimonies to those who don’t know God, so they can also get to know Him personally. It’s my routine to pray before sleeping; and when praying for the word, God led me to John 7:37-39, Whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink. As the scripture says, ‘whoever believes in me, streams of life- giving water will pour out from his heart. ‘ Jesus said this about the Spirit, which those who believed in him were going to receive. I prayed again this time being specific that I need Jesus to make my heart his home and lead me in every thing I do; then fell asleep. In the dream, we were in a wedding committee, with people who appeared well known to me. According to the committee members, many people were against the wedding. Some cousins of mine complained to me that I don’t involve them in my activities and being the organisers, my presence irritated them which they didn’t hide. They maintained social distance while engaging me. One of the elders called out my name from the front where he sat, inquiring if I knew about the wedding? I said ‘yes’. He said it was a secret union and only those who kept it a secret would attend. The ceremony date was set and announced. People were asked to remain for food distribution, and as I sat a man sat beside me. We begun chatting but he spotted another lady, leaving me for her. I could see them teasing each other but it didn’t bother me much. A certain lady saw what had transpired and came to comfort me. We then went one by one for packed food distribution. Food was plenty and from what I saw, it was the kind of food people rarely get, and very expensive. I took as much as I could, but my shopping bag tore due to over flow. I then requested the distributors to allow me go fetch another bag, which they agreed. I left the food with them, hurrying so I don’t find them gone. A familiar voice from within called out my name, and i turned to see whom it was; I couldn’t clearly see the person’s face, although she appeared to be someone I know. She showed me where I’d find my food incase I found them gone. And the journey begun. We were many as we left and as we proceeded, noticed I was moving faster than the others. Some force was pushing me and I could feel someone was beside me as we moved upward. The surface was kinda dark but I could see light ahead from far, which was guiding us. I heard people shouting and asked the person beside me why they shouted. She asked me to turn and look; people were stuck in what looked like volcano. All around me were people halfway covered by a scary thick liquid filling the space towards us. They were in excruciating pain, crying with lifted hands calling for our help, but I couldn’t since I realized we were not on the same service. A very bright light like that of the morning sky attracted me from above, I looked up and found myself in another space. This space was calm and with few people. The voice that directed me where I’d find my food pointed a store and said,” That’s where you’ll find your food. ” I asked her to accompany me to pick my food but went on to explain that the place was secured and no one could dare cause havoc, that I could access anything I wanted anytime. I felt at home and begun to engage a person who sat beside where I was standing. She was familiar to me. My daughter had already woken up. She came into my bedroom jumped on my bed which she often does. I could feel her trying to make herself comfortable in bed as I struggled to wake up, which I did. My heart was beating fast, felt weak and tensed. The thought of getting out of bed was scary. Felt ike I’d pass out the next minute. I prayed then gathered courage to get outa bed. Every time am on fasting, I experience extraordinary things. God is calling us to drink from the well that never runs dry. Whoever believes in him receives the holy spirit and has everlasting life.

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