Reference John 15:4-11

You may not always get what you are worth, but will definitely get what you deserve. By working hard, smart or transforming from terrible past behaviours, you can achieve anything you ever dreamt of in this life; that which you deserve from the effort made. However, what you are worth may cost you alot if not a life time. When you know your self worth early enough, discover your prime purpose in this life on time, work towards it, live a purpose driven life and refuse to settle for less, then you will definitely find what you are worth. You cannot live a reckless life yet expect to get what you deserve. It is by abiding in God and allowing Him to order your steps that you get to your hidden treasures. Rebelling against God’s word leads to irresponsible behaviours that make one lose focus with their life. This also causes delay, hence miss out on what God had purposed to bless you with in regards to obedience.

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