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Identifying your emotional needs

In life,we all have emotional needs that need to be filled.
Assume the jar above is your life. It can be empty, full or in between.
The needs are usually different,depending with level of maturity and gender(child,adult, male and females).
So you first need to identify what is in your emotional jar that needs to be emptied,then you can refill the jar with what
you miss in your life.The questions below will guide you:

✓ What makes you feel incomplete?
✓What feeds your ego?
✓What drives you to mess, feel guilty, short tempered,overreact or too proud? It's not wrong to be proud but too much of something is the problem.
✓What needs are missing or starved that needs to be satisfied?
✓What may be the consequences or risks likely to occur once you do what you want?
✓ What temptations are there?
✓ Will the choices you make compromise with your dreams,goals and destiny?
Please note that identifying what is in your emotional jar can help in resisting temptations and weaknesses.

Some of the emotional needs that people need are;
✓To be loved by family and friends,seen,cared for,to be touched or respected.
✓To be given attention/ listened to.
✓ To spend time with loved ones
✓Good commutation skills and values among others.
When Jesus was in the wilderness,he had fasted for 40 days.His body was empty and weak.The temptation here was to get food immediately.
When Satan approached him,Jesus has the choice to give in to temptation and feed his empty stomach;but He knew he had a mission to accomplish ahead and would not give in to deception.
Now, if you are quick to satisfy your immediate desires,you are likely to make wrong choices.
Resistance and self control play a big role in character building.

After all these questions,ask yourself one more question; are you psychologically set to take in that which you miss and, are you ready to accept possible consequences that may occur?
If your answer is NO, please check your inner self,or do what is required of you in your given capacity either as a parent, child,husband or wife, as a leader or friend.
Play your role and always seek help from professionals,spiritual leaders,or someone you trust whenever you feel overwhelmed.

You must be willing to have a mindset that will choose to ignore the stubborn voices which create the urge to rebel or anything negative.
When the evil thoughts persist,think of what you want in future,your dreams,goals and destiny.
Fill your mind with the positive out come you want to see.
Think of how you expect to be treated by other people and do the same.
Failure to examine your life may attract outsiders and you risk having your needs met him in the wrong way.

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